iPod Touch (3rd Generation) – Bringing Entertainment to a Higher Level

The iPod Touch is already an impressive product, so how do you top it? Apple did it by releasing several versions, and this time, the third-generation model. As with other iPod models, this one lacks a built-in video camera. Instead, it firmly centers on music and has tapped into portable gaming. There are so many welcome additions to this version that competitors are just lagging.

The third-generation iPod Touch resembles all the other versions that are already out in the market before it. It has the same dimension and as usual, its mouth watering 3.5 inches screen is one of its most attractive features. With a screen resolution of 480-by-320, it possesses one of the best portable media player screens out there. Included in the package are a sync cable, dock adapter, and the not-so-famous Apple ear buds.

This version of iPod Touch still carries the old file support system which means you can only play certain standard formats. The range of iPod Touch products is known for its impressive user interface and a large number of apps that other media player could only hope for. One of the main attractions of the third-generation version is perhaps its speed. The manufacturer claims that it is 50% faster than its classic counterparts.

The storage capacity of iPod Touch 64GB can support OpenGL ES Version 2.0. This means more games and apps with really cool graphics. No news could have been better for surfer and gamers alike. The responsive screen allows for an easier browsing and smooth Web experience. If your main reason of purchasing a media player is music, then the Genius apps will tickle you. This extra allows you to create play list and apps based on what you have already listened and used.

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