iPod Touch (3rd Generation) – Bringing Entertainment to a Higher Level

The iPod Touch is already an impressive product, so how do you top it? Apple did it by releasing several versions, and this time, the third-generation model. As with other iPod models, this one lacks a built-in video camera. Instead, it firmly centers on music and has tapped into portable gaming. There are so many welcome additions to this version that competitors are just lagging.

The third-generation iPod Touch resembles all the other versions that are already out in the market before it. It has the same dimension and as usual, its mouth watering 3.5 inches screen is one of its most attractive features. With a screen resolution of 480-by-320, it possesses one of the best portable media player screens out there. Included in the package are a sync cable, dock adapter, and the not-so-famous Apple ear buds.

This version of iPod Touch still carries the old file support system which means you can only play certain standard formats. The range of iPod Touch products is known for its impressive user interface and a large number of apps that other media player could only hope for. One of the main attractions of the third-generation version is perhaps its speed. The manufacturer claims that it is 50% faster than its classic counterparts.

The storage capacity of iPod Touch 64GB can support OpenGL ES Version 2.0. This means more games and apps with really cool graphics. No news could have been better for surfer and gamers alike. The responsive screen allows for an easier browsing and smooth Web experience. If your main reason of purchasing a media player is music, then the Genius apps will tickle you. This extra allows you to create play list and apps based on what you have already listened and used.

Where Can I Post My MLM Internet Business Online For Free? Is This Wrong Thinking?

Where can I post my MLM internet business online for free? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or have you ever gone online to search for free places to post about your internet business? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your going to get a real shock with what I’m going to tell you as you read the rest of this article.

If your only goal or your main focus is; where can I post my MLM internet business online for free? then you really are missing the big picture. Take a look at those free sites where people are posting. Have you not seen how they market their businesses? Sorry to be blunt but they are a bunch of spammers. Now I am not calling you a spammer because if you are here reading this article, then you are looking for better ways to market your business. Your looking to become successful online and your not just posting meaningless spam ads where ever you can.

There are some legitimate places that you can post ads for free and have some small results. But I’m here to tell you the truth that most of the people posting, or spamming free ads do not have any success at all. What distinguishes one pre-launch company from the next? What are the people saying in their spam, I mean ad? They are telling you that you can have $10,000 in the next 30 days, or maybe that you can retire in the next 3 months. I can go through one of my many email accounts right now and find you 100 or more people spamming me with the promise of riches without selling or recruiting and that their company has the easiest plan to make money online. The question, where can I post my MLM internet business online for free should not be your focus, or even be on your list at all if you really want to make money online.

Now the real truth, If your willing to listen, is to plug your business into a system. A system connected with a funded proposal. If you don’t know what that means then your going to have your eyes opened and really start to think about what you’ve been missing. Basically a funded proposal is a sales funnel, where your prospects are going down a road that you choose, on auto-pilot. The best part about it is that you make money, lots of money even if your prospect says “no” to joining your primary business. The money that you make from these people who are saying “no” will give you the means to re-invest into your business, whatever type of marketing strategy you desire. This is real leverage. A system like this is what the top earners, the multi-millionaires have been using for years and they are not so eager to share it with the world. So stop asking yourself, where can I post my MLM internet business online for free and see how much money you can make while you sleep at night using a marketing system.

Common Issues in Rental Property Management – Disposition of Tenant Property Left Behind

Your tenant vacates. You start the process of turning the property around but are astounded to find that the tenant has left behind a couple of car loads of his personal property. What do you do? Short answer: Be careful. Be very, very careful. The problem of seemingly abandoned tenant personal property occurs most commonly when the tenancy has ended on less than favorable terms, usually eviction. In my experience, tenants that leave property behind are the most troublesome ones and the most likely to re-appear in your life.

I have seen landlords and their insurance companies have to pay out big bucks to undeserving tenants because the landlord failed to follow the correct procedure for disposing of the tenants’ personal property. The rickety end table and orphan left tennis shoe may look like junk. And the tenant obviously didn’t care much about it. But that won’t stop the tenant from later claiming in his lawsuit that the flea market possessions which he left strewn about your rental property were really worth a king’s ransom. Follow the correct procedure and protect yourself.

If the tenant’s property is truly junk, the law in California where I practice allows you to keep or throw out any property that the landlord “reasonably believes” is worth less than $300.00 resale. In such a case, the landlord must serve the tenant with a notice, personally or by first-class mail, stating the landlord’s intention to throw out the property if the tenant doesn’t claim it within 15 days (18 days if service of the notice is by mail). The notice must be served on the tenant at the tenant’s last known address. I recommend to clients that they serve the notice at all known addresses for the tenant, including work addresses and relatives’ addresses written on the rental application.

If you do elect to throw out tenant property, make sure that you inventory and photograph the property. You must have a persuasive record of what property you threw out should the tenant come back at you later and claim that you threw away his valuables.

If the tenant’s property remaining on the premises likely exceeds $300.00 in value, the law, again in California for example, provides a procedure for getting rid of the property that you must follow strictly. First, you must serve the tenant with a Notice of Right To Reclaim Abandoned Property. (I provide a form notice as part of a packet of forms that I give to my to landlord clients free of charge).

You may serve this notice on the tenant either personally or by first-class mail to the tenant’s last known address. To be safe, I also advise my clients to serve the notice on all known addresses of the tenant’s, including relatives listed on the rental application. You must also serve this notice on any other person, besides the tenant, that you believe may be the owner of the property.

The notice has strict content requirements relating to the description of the property and the place where the tenant may claim it and informing the tenant that he must pay the reasonable cost of storing the property before he can get it back. The notice must also state the deadline for the tenant to claim the property, which must be at least 15 days after the tenant is served with the notice (18 days if the notice is served by mail). The notice must provide the name, address, and telephone number of the landlord or his representative and a warning to the tenant that his property will be sold at auction if not claimed.

While waiting for the 15-day period to expire, I advise landlords to store the property at the premises if possible. If the tenant contacts them, I tell the landlords to set up a time for the tenant to come and get the property. When the tenant’s property is still at the premises, I tell clients not to bother trying to charge the tenant for “storage”. The reason that I tell clients to just let the tenant have his property is because the ensuing dispute isn’t worth the storage reimbursement. If the tenant shows up to claim his property and leaves without it, I guarantee you that the first place that he’s going after arguing with you over storage charges is straight into the open arms of the tenant attorney.

If the tenant has left so much property behind that it can’t be stored at the premises, such as the case where the tenant was evicted and didn’t move anything out beforehand, then you may have to move the property into storage. In such a case, the landlord is entitled to his moving and storage costs before he has to release the property to the tenant. I’m more inclined in such an instance to advise my client to stand on his rights to reimbursement before releasing the property because of the amount of expense, time, and trouble that the tenant has caused my client.

However, if the tenant does re-appear to claim his property, I advise clients to give the tenant an itemized list of storage and moving costs and supporting documentation. In any case where my client does release property to the tenant, I recommend that the landlord have witnesses to the tenant taking back his property and, if possible, that the landlord document the event with a camcorder.

So, what happens if the tenant does not claim his property within the 15 days? The property must be sold at public auction. Call an auction company. They’ll come and pick-up the property. An important point: once the auction date is set, make sure that you publish notice of the auction. Notice of the auction must be published once per week for two weeks in a newspaper of general circulation. If you fail to publish the notice, you are opening yourself up for liability to the tenant.

After the property is sold, the auction company takes its share, the landlord may be reimbursed for all costs of storage, moving and publishing notice. Any balance must be paid over to the tenant or, if he can’t be found, to the county.

As you can see, law can be complicated on this point. The best advice would probably be to just contact a lawyer if your tenant leaves behind any substantial amount of property. If the landlord follows the procedure, he’s protected from liability. If not, the landlord may have to bear the cost of an uninsured liability straight out of his own pocket.

How the Internet Has Helped the Swinging Lifestyle

In a time where society has never been more liberal and desensitized to almost everything, it is amazing that a stigma still exists about the swinging lifestyle. Many people are still under the impression that swingers are simply sex addicts and have sex all day every day.

However, this could not be further from the truth. The swinging lifestyle is not just about having as much sex as possible. Before the internet, these and other misconceptions and views were assumed to be true. People who criticized the lifestyle from the outside made up their mind about what swinging is and did not take the time to actually investigate the lifestyle.

The internet dispels misconceptions about the swinging lifestyle

The internet has given swingers a chance to address these misconceptions head on. Swingers have used the internet to not only dispel false information about their lifestyle, but also help educate people about it.

Whether swinging is right or wrong is a matter of personal opinion, however, the internet has allowed for both sides to chime on the debate. Just like any other formerly taboo subjects or practices, it was not until they were given a platform to tell their side of the story that it was accepted by society. The internet has become this platform for swingers.

The internet educates people about the lifestyle

The internet has also become an educational resource for couples that are curious about the lifestyle. They can now take the time to read up on the lifestyle and understand what it is all about. They can learn both the pros and the cons and make an informed decision about whether or not to give swinging a try.

The internet connects swingers

The internet has become a place for swingers to connect. It allows swingers to get involved from a safe distance. They can talk to potential couple matches online on dating sites or through email and get to know them before they agree to meet in person.

The internet has allowed swingers to create a community online. There are many swinger related sites online for couples. They can connect with other couples, discuss issues, and share their swinging stories with others.

The internet has also become a great place for swingers clubs to promote events and create visibility. If you want to look into a swingers club in your local area all you have to do is a quick Google search and you will be able to find the information you are looking for.

The internet has become a great resource for swingers. They can connect with others, stay up to date with news and events, and educate themselves about the swinging lifestyle. As the number of swingers continues to grow at a steady pace, there will be a growing need for community within the swinger’s lifestyle. The internet is the tool that can do this now and into the future.